Ripple Family Ancestry

The Ripple Family Tree website is a work in progress. Site feedback in the form of suggestions, corrections, and additions is appreciated..

This website is for all of us, but especially those families that spent Sundays at "Grandma Ripple's" in Cheltenham, Maryland, and celebrated Independence Day with more relatives than we knew existed at the family reunion. Although we're now scattered like so many leaves, there are still many familial ties that keep us bound together. Hopefully, our website will help us maintain those connections.

If this is your first visit to the website, a good starting point is "Descendant Families" (above) that focuses on the offspring of Ammon Ripple and Mary Smith. From there you can follow our ancestral roots as we step back a generation in time with each tab. The names listed on the drop downs are siblings. As we gather information, we'll add new tabs. I'm wondering how far back we can go!

Please feel free to drop a line if you have information that will help fill in the gaps or provide details about, or photos of, our ancestors. I've just begun searching albums and collections for photos. If willing to loan some photos, I promise to return them. If sending digital photos, please scan at 300 dpi (200 dpi if it's larger than 5" x 7"). For each relative I'm trying to include:

Information Photographs
  • birth date and location
  • date of marriage and location
  • spouse's full name
  • childrens' full names (including adopted and step-children)
  • date of death and where buried (if appropriate)
  • some life details
  • individual photo at age 18 to 25 (for those under 18 a current photo)
  • a photo with spouse or spouse alone (a wedding photo works well)
  • a group photo of family children (with or without parents)

Please take a look at the information for your branch of the family tree. If it needs corrections or additions, please let me know. To those who have already provided photos and information--many thanks!

Source credits noted where appropriate:
DRS = Doris Ripple Smoot
LR = Larry Ripple
KR = Karen Ripple

Contact the webmaster via email
if you have additions, corrections, or questions--or even if you just want to say "hello, I think we're distant cousins!"

Note: Now that I have retired there will be major updates to the website and faster replies to queries.