Amos Ervin Ripple

b. September 6, 1867
d. February 1931 at age 62

Annie Alice Davis

b. October 21, 1871



Sidney Anzi Ripple
m. Millicent
Jack Ripple
Maynard Ripple
Sidney Anzi Ripple
Bobby Ripple
Douglas Ripple

Ammon Syril Ripple
m. Vivian F, 6/19/1924-7/20/1985
Rosemary Ripple
Ammon Syril Ripple
Amos Ripple

Ervin Ripple
m. Ruth
Doris Ripple
Carolyn Ripple

  • Amos Ripple and Annie Davis were married September 13, 1894.


Amos E. Ripple (and likely Annie) are buried at Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore in the RR Section, Lot 943. It may be their infant son that is buried with Amos' parents.