Joseph Ripple

b. 1802 in Pennsylvania
d. 27 Feb 1877

Sarah Ferral

b. 1803 in Pennsylvania
d.31 July 1879?



Lorena Ripple Haker(1827-?)

Theodore Ripple (1828-?)

Lemuel Ripple (1829-?)

Anzi Ripple (1830-?)

Joseph Ripple (1833-?)

Albert Everin Ripple (1834-1896)

James Ripple (1836-?)

Amos Ervin Ripple (1837-1913)

Sarah Ann Ripple Walters (1838-?)

Mary J Ripple (1838-?)


The 1830 Census for Mahoning Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania lists Joseph Ripple, 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-9, 1 male 20-29, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-29.

The 1840 Census for Mahoning Township, Mercer County, shows that residing with Joseph Ripple were: 2 sons under 5 [Amos and James], 2 sons 5-9 [Albert and Joseph], 3 sons 10-14 [Anzi, Lemuel, and Theodore], and that Joseph was between 40 and 49. Two daughters were under 5 [Sarah and Mary], one was 10-14 [Lorena], and wife Sarah was 30-39 years old. No "free colored persons" or slaves were living with them. Three of the twelve people listed were "employed in agriculture".

The 1850 Census (October 16th) for Mahoning Township in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania records that Joseph Ripple (48) is a farmer with real estate valued at $3900. Wife Sarah is 47; oldest son Theodore (22) is a broom maker with real estate valued at $1000. Son Lemuel (21) is also a broom maker, Anzi (20) is a carpenter, Joseph (17) and Albert (16) are farmers, sons James (14) and Amos (13) attend school. Daughter Lorena (23) presumably helps at home; Sarah A (12) and Mary J (12) attend school. All are listed as born in Pennsylvania. [Lawrence Co formed from parts of Mercer and Beaver Counties in 1849.]

The 1860 Census (July 3rd) for Mahoning Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania lists Joseph Ripple (60) and wife Sarah (57) farm real estate valued at $3500 and have personal property valued at $1200. Sons Joseph (25), Albert (24), James (23), and Amos (21) reside at home working the farm. Twins Mary and Sara (19) are also at home. All were born in Pennsylvania and are able to read and write.

In May/June 1863 four sons were registered/drafted into the Union Army: Joseph, Albert, James, and Amos.

An Excise Tax was assessed of Joseph Ripple in Mahoning Township in 1863 on his two-horse carriage valued at $75. The tax due was $2.

The 1870 Census (June 16th) for Mahoning Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania indicates that Joseph is 71, Sarah is 69, and daughter Mary resides with them. Joseph's real estate is valued at $8900 and his personal estate at $350. Joseph was born in Maryland; Sarah was born in Pennsylvania. Joseph indicates that both his parents were foreign born, but he is a citizen of the U.S. Son Amos Ripple and his family live next door and neither of his parents were foreign born..

Joseph's will (probated in Lawrence County, PA on 27 Feb 1877) indicates that wife Sarah outlived him, but son Anzi preceeded him in death. Daughters Lorena and Sarah were married, but Mary was at home with her mother. Amos had an "inferior arm" and Joseph an "inferior eye".